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As our patient the treatment doesn’t stop once you get your dentures. We will set up recall appointments to ensure your dentures are meeting our service quality promise.

Our Care

Denture Costs?

Dental implants are usually expensive and may not be suitable for everyone. At Tooth Hub Denture Services we are happy to explore all the treatment options so you are confident and happy with your decision and treatment plan.

We understand when it comes to dentures cost and services you need to know the exact cost to you. We assure you there will be no hidden charges.


Will that impact on the quality of the denture?

The processes in making your denture are identical either with Tooth Hub Mobile Denture Service or coming into the clinic. Instead of you coming into the clinic, we come to you. Your denture will be processed in our Laboratory thus ensuring the quality is not compromised.

Normally, we required six appointments to construct your new set of dentures from the first appointment to the last appointment, but in a complex case more appointments are needed.

The six appointments in a normal case consist of the following steps:

First appointment – consists of a comprehensive oral examination, medical questionnaires and a treatment plan for you. If you are happy with the treatment plan and the cost we proposed then we will take the first impression of your jaw. The aim of the first impression is to capture your oral anatomy landmarks in order to make a good denture.
Second appointment – We will take your second impression but this time with your custom made special tray for a better fit and a more accurate impression to capture your oral anatomy landmarks. In this appointment shade and teeth will also be selected.
Third appointment – Recording bite position. This is to ensure the bite relationships are met between the lower and upper teeth when they come in contact naturally. The bite position is important in constructing a functional denture. This is done by taking an impression of a patient’s upper and lower teeth in the bite position.
Fourth appointment – Try in. During the try in stage we take every step to ensure you are satisfied with the dentures before we process your final dentures.
Fifth appointment – Insert. This is the stage where we insert your finished dentures.
Sixth appointment – Post Insert check visit. This appointment is to see if you have any issues with your new dentures.

Payment Options

EFTPOS Available

South Australian Pensioner Denture Scheme (PDS) Accepted

Veterans’ Affairs Accepted

Private Health Cover Accepted (Please contact your private health fund for your level of refund and gap payments)